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Uncut, January 2007

'From Revolver onwards, he seemed like the coolest man on the planet.'


Johnny Marr on George by Rob Hughes. 


Johnny talks about his admiration for George Harrison as part of a special feature on The Beatles.

Harp, February 2007

'We talk and plan about the new record in an excited way. Our thoughts are all forward' - Isaac Brock.


Sea changes by Trevor Kelley. 

Interviews with Johnny and Isaac Brock about Johnny joining Modest Mouse.

Uncut, March 2007

'All bands that stand the test of time have a certain chemistry. Ours was peculiar and unique.'

Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me 

Lengthy countdown of the top 30 Smiths songs, including interviews with celebrity Smiths fans, plus a page-long article about Johnny's own thoughts on 'How Soon Is Now?'.

Uncut, March 2007 (#2)

'We just had this tremendous belief in ourselves and since that day my life has totally changed, and I know Morrissey's has, too. Right from the beginning, we knew it was going to be brilliant.'

Stop me if you think you've heard this one before by Allan Jones. 

Time-capsule interview from Reading in 1984.

Paste, April 2007

Armed with a cargo hold full of nautically themed fight songs and a new crew member whose previous tours of duty include distinguished service abord the HMS Smiths, Modest Mouse sets sail for parts unknown with a few album - 'We were dead before the ship even sank' - still several leagues away from the old mainstream.

20,000 leagues under normalcy by Corey Dubrowa. 

Spin, April 2007

“There have been three records I’ve done over my career that I thought hit the ceiling creatively. The Queen Is Dead is one. Mind Bomb by The The, is one. And [We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank] is one.”

Partners in crime by Will Hermes


Joint interview with Johnny and Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock.

NME, 16 June 2007

“It’s philosophically and psychologically liberating to find out that we wander round with these huge egos, when we’re actually monkey-brained primates when all’s said and done. We’re not the be all and end all, and that’s healthy to know.”

What rock’n’roll has taught me


Modest Mouse era Q&A with Johnny.

Mojo, June 2007

"Smitten" with Morrissey, Modest Mouse's new guitarist still turned down $10 million to reform The Smiths, and says Oasis sound "brown". "This is the last time I'll talk about this stuff," says Johnny Marr.

The Mojo interview by Ian Harrison. 

Mojo, August 2007

'After 1986, if the indie scene had got any feyer the records would have been made out of liquid and petals would have flown out of the speakers...'

Johnny contributes the afterword to this supplementary "80 from the '80s" magazine.

Q, August 2007

'From being very young, I never wanted to impose any limitations on myself, either in the way I played guitar or my role as a guitarist.'


My Brilliant Career by Simon Goddard. 

Run-down of key albums from Johnny's career, from The Smiths to Modest Mouse.

Uncut, August 2007

'I got into playing music to prove wrong the idea that anyone from Manchester would be some insensitive, macho idiot.'


Short interview by Ben Marshall in which Johnny discusses joining Modest Mouse, Madchester, fame, and the likelihood of a Smiths reunion.

The Word, September 2007

'I'm old enough now to realise that people aren't interested in hearing me being shy.'


His Satanic Modesty Requests by Andrew Harrison. 


With The Smiths he turned British music upside down. Now, with Modest Mouse, his fortunes are at their highest in 20 years. What keeps Johnny Marr moving? "When you achieve stuff that was way beyond the clouds," he says, "then you have to start drawing your own map."

Hot Press, 14 November 2007

Heaven knows they're legendary now by Paul Nolan. 


Key players in The Smiths' extraordinary saga, Johnny Marr and Stephen Street, recall those heady days. + Short interview with Johnny about joining Modest Mouse.

Live, 16 December 2007

'I'm a mixture of art rocker, Buddha boy and mod.'


It's a man's world by Stephanie Smith. 

Fashion feature in which Johnny discusses clothes, accessories, tattoos and healthy living.

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Clash, July 2008

'I really hope I'm not the same person doing the same thing now as I was five years ago or as I will be doing in five years time. I've got to feel some forward motion.'


Rock & Rules by Claire Gilligan. 

Always keep your passion for music alive, ignore your own hype and be honoured to do what you do - the seminal guitarist-turned-frontman and multi-artist collaborator offers twenty-six years of well-honed wisdom to all aspiring rock stars.

NME, 18 October 2008

'It doesn't bother me that people think I've never done anything as iconic as the Smiths . . . I've been as intensely involved with the music I've done since 1987 as I was recording and performing with the Smiths.'

Here's Johnny by Jon Wilde. 


Bryan Ferry, Talking Heads, The Pretenders, Girls Aloud...since The Smiths disbanded more than 20 years ago, guitarist Johnny Marr has collaborated with some of the biggest names in rock - yet all everyone still wants to know is whether the iconic Eighties band will ever reform.

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Mojo, March 2009

'There's something in me that needs to feel independent, there's a restlessness, this wanderlust. I have a fearlessness about going out into the world.'


The world is sound by Lois Wilson. 


Motown? "Perfection!" T.Rex? "Sensory overload!" Keith Richards? "Badass!" So says Smiths guitarist and current Cribs acolyte Johnny Marr. Join the finest six-string architect of his generation as he guides you through the soundtrack to his life...

The Observer, 19 July 2009

'I have a compulsion to move forward. It's the only way to live.'


My body & soul by Cath Rapley. 


Johnny answers 10 questions about fitness, drinking, drugs, sex, and other lifestyle issues.

NME, 1 August 2009

'Having Johnny has rejuvenated us because when it was just us three, it felt quite comfortable and relaxed. Now that Johnny's in the band I feel a lot more driven to create.' - Ryan Jarman

Boulevard of Wakefield dreams by Hardeep Phull. 


Interview with Johnny + Ryan and Gary Jarman, about the former's joining of The Cribs.

Live, 30 August 2009

'It doesn't bother me that people think I've never done anything as iconic as the Smiths . . . I've been as intensely involved with the music I've done since 1987 as I was recording and performing with the Smiths.'

Here's Johnny by Jon Wilde. 


Bryan Ferry, Talking Heads, The Pretenders, Girls Aloud...since The Smiths disbanded more than 20 years ago, guitarist Johnny Marr has collaborated with some of the biggest names in rock - yet all everyone still wants to know is whether the iconic Eighties band will ever reform.

Guitarist, September 2009

'I found what I really love young in life and nothing has ever taken its place.'

Interview with Johnny as part of the magazine's 100 Guitar Heroes special.

Mojo, October 2009

'I felt I had a connection with Gary's voice, Ryan's guitar, the attitude. I could hear destiny.'


State of independence by Lois Wilson. 


Yorkshire siblings The Cribs have spent seven years spurning rock star indulgences for indie sufferance, winning over everyone from Franz Ferdinand to Sonic Youth in the process. Now, they've recruited a new full-time guitarist, a certain Johnny Marr. Lois Wilson meets the band - and their newest member - in "polluted" Los Angeles 0 to hear the story behind the album of their career.

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NME, 10 April 2010

'I'll take 8/10. Maybe I haven't done enough rock'n'rolling in my time if my memory is still holding up that well. Come back in 10 years and see what I'm like then!'


Johnny features in this week's Does rock'n'roll kill brain cells? trivia quiz.

Total Guitar, October 2010

'Everything I've done that's really meant something to people, I always did out of plain exuberance or reflection.'


Johnny Marr by Henry Yates. 

Even in the darkest days of British music, Johnny Marr's guitar playing is a light that never goes out. From The Smiths to The Cribs, this is the rollercoaster story of one of the most iconic figures in rock, told exclusively by the charming man himself.

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NME, 30 April 2011

​'I was really surprised at the way some people reacted, even some people who were behind me took umbrage with the fact that I used the word "forbid" to talk about someone liking our music...'

Johnny Marr vs David Cameron 

Short interview following on from Johnny's infamous tweet forbidding prime minister David Cameron from liking The Smiths.

NME, 5 November 2011

'I'm not interested in doing the obvious. The idea of being in the same band year in and year out, of making the same kind of music - even if it's good - seems like a waste to me.'

Who does Johnny Marr think he is? by Matt Wilkinson. 

Balancing Smiths projects, soundtracks and his new album, you could say Johnny Marr is having an identity crisis...

O:MEN, Issue 25 (Autumn/Winter 2011)

Short article/interview by Peter Lyle covering Johnny's latest projects, the Ray-Ban 'Raw Sounds' project, and the release of his signature design Ray-Ban sunglasses.

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Uncut, January 2012

“I am evangelical about pop music. The idea that pop is crass and commercial is an old-fashioned rockist conceit.”

An audience with…Johnny Marr by John Lewis


Johnny answers questions from Uncut readers.

Guitarist, February 2012

'After all these years the idea of being with the same group of people year in, year out - however much I love everybody I've worked with - seems limiting to me.'

Top Cat by Chris Vinnicombe. 

There's much more to Johnny Marr than The Smiths. We talk to the groundbreaking guitarist about unlocking the secrets of using guitar tone in rock, pop and film and the evolution of his new signature Jaguar, which brings updates to Fender's quirky, ultra-cool electric as it celebrates its 50th anniversary

Total Guitar, February 2012

String'em up 

Johnny answers reader's questions on shredders, supergroups, stunted hands and his songwriting magic with Morrissey.

Vive Le Rock, February 2012

'I know in my heart that the guitar is a heroic instrument.'

Born into a light by James Sharples. 

Perhaps one of the most influential guitarists of all time, Johnny Marr talks to James Sharples about the legacy of The Smiths, integrity, punk rock and the "comedy" of Bernard Manning.

Guitar & Bass, March 2012

'I wanted to keep all the great aspects of the Jag but get rid of the unwanted conditions.'

Papa's got a brand new Jag by Hayden Hewitt. 

The Fender Jaguar has always drawn independently-minded devotees, and Johnny Marr has spent years fine-tuning his new signature model to create a guitar that works even better than it looks.

The Travel Almanac, Issue #3 (Spring/Summer 2012)

'I don't like being still too much anymore. Energy breeds energy...'

Running with Johnny Marr by Martin Hossbach. 

Interview with Johnny focusing mainly on running and travel.

Guitar World, July 2012

'I maintain it's my absolute prerogative to wear whatever hairstyle goes with my guitar at any point in my life.'

Another Q&A session in which Johnny answers reader-submitted questions.

NME, 3 November 2012

'This is my band now, and the frontman in my band has to play guitar. I do both.'


Johnny Marr: Ready for his close-up by Andy Welch. 


Short interview discussing Johnny's new solo career and the recording of The Messenger.

Uncut, The Smiths Special Edition

'I'm glad I didn't spend 35 years in the same band. It's just not me.'

The Marrtian Chronicles by Sharon O'Connell. 

From Electronic and The The, via Modest Mouse and The Cribs, to - finally! - a solo career. How a godlike guitarist spent 26 years on the run from The Smiths.

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