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Sounds - 25 February 1984

'We're just trying to get back to some of the original notions about what a group is really about.' 

Scratch 'n' Smiths, by Hugh Felder. 

One of Johnny's earliest solo interviews, conducted at the University of East Anglia.

Melody Maker - 14 April 1984

'We're really getting back to the original inspiration for making music. Right back at the birth of this phenomenon called pop music, music was a way of bringing young people together and inspiring them. That's exactly what we're trying to do: we're trying to get back to old values that have been lost.'

Johnny Guitar by Allan Jones. 

One of Johnny's earliest interviews, discussing the philosophy of The Smiths and his songwriting partnership with Morrissey.

Record Mirror - 9 June 1984

The Smiths talk sex, celibacy, spots, glands by Simon Mills. 

Interview covering topics such as his guitar style, money, style, working with Sandie Shaw, and homosexuality.

Jackie - 4 August 1984

"So many people listen to The Smiths, who used to feel ordinary but now feel handsome and charming."

Johnny fills out the 'A-Z' questionnaire.

No.1 - 25 August 1984

Johnny Too Bad by Nick Adams. 

Morrissey is the public face of The Smiths. While he waves the words and the flowers, his three fellow Smiths let their music do the talking. Guitarist Johnny Marr co-founded the band, writes all the tunes and sports a neat line in winkle-pickers. Nick Adams asks him to step into the limelight.

Smash Hits - 30 August 1984

"I'm one of these people who turns night into day. I play and write songs and go to bed really early in the morning. Trouble is, as soon as I put my head down I write 300 Number Ones and then when I wake up I can't remember any of them."

Johnny stars in Smash Hits' Personal File feature.

Zig Zag - August 1984

The man who caught the common cold by Rex Garvin.

'Actually, thought I, perhaps I'm glad to be meeting Johnny Marr. Because up until now his often-too-sedate, occasionally-quite-stunning music has taken a back seat to Morrissey's words...'

Blue Jeans - 8 September 1984

Johnny is featured in this week's Star Fact File.

Jackie - 6 October 1984

Johnny features in this issue's "Silly Star File".

Jackie - exact date unknown

Johnny shares his "top 10 days": happiest, most disastrous, most romantic, etc.

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Guitarist - February 1985

Johnny Marr by Geoff Twig. 

The Smiths are currently preparing for their next album, having recently risen to international success; Geoff Twigg chatted to guitarist Johnny Marr about his musical influences, intuition and instruments.

Melody Maker - 3 August 1985

'So much has been made of that first meeting with Morrissey, but I suppose that looking back at it, it must have been the attraction of opposites.' 

The thoughts of Chairman Marr by Barry McIlheney. 

Lengthy interview covering topics such as Morrissey being The Smiths' representative in the press, touring, becoming successful, his own musical tastes, his Irish heritage, adolescence, and his relationship with Morrissey.

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Record Mirror - 14 June 1986

Johnny Marr by Eleanor Levy. 


'I play guitar in a hip group and I'm skinny with dark hair. Sounds perfect to me.' As The Smiths tell the world 'The Queen is Dead', J Marr tells us about record company disputes, moving to London, drunkards wandering around his garden at two o'clock in the morning...and coming to terms with sex symbol status.

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NME - 14 February 1987

Exile on Mainstream by Danny Kelly. 


Smiths' ears have been ringing all year with accusations of racism ('Panic'), rockism (two axemen), and sell-out (signing to EMI). 'Shoplifters...' sees them stealing up the charts and now 'The World Won't Listen'. Bring in JOHNNY MARR - guitarist, composer, hirer and firer, producer and committed muso - to answer Danny Kelly's reservations.

BAM - 3 July 1987

'We never lose sight of the aspect that if you can't hear someone with an acoustic guitar and voice singing it, then it doesn't mean anything.' 

Marr needs guitars by Cary Darling. 

Interview covering topics such as: Johnny's musical roots, meeting Morrissey, songwriting, synthesisers, working with Craig Gannon, drinking, crowd violence on the recent tour, and the move to EMI.

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