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Select - August 2000

'My ambition is to do an hour-and-a-half gig with five songs on the set-list, and we'll be lucky if we get halfway through the fourth one by the time we have to finish.'

Marr attacks! by John Mullen. 

Short interview + introduction to The Healers.

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Guitar Player, February 2003

'The guitar is a beautiful instrument, but it's a waste when people don't see it as a machine for creation.'


Healer's touch by Barry Cleveland. 

Interview in which Johnny discusses the formation of The Healers, making 'Boomslang', playing techniques, the creative process, and the theft of his beloved Gibson SG.

Q, February 2003

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“Never get into a situation that you can’t get out. I really have stuck to it, because it’s good advice for all walks of life.”


Johnny answers Q’s short Famous Last Words questionnaire.

Mojo, March 2003

'What do you sing in the shower?' 
'My songs. Just to see if they sound good.' 

Johnny features in the monthly 'All back to my place' music-themed Q&A.

Uncut, April 2003

'I've had to fight, but I've always ended up doing what I want to do.'


The Uncut Questionnaire by Rob Hughes.


Short interview in which Johnny talks about 'Boomslang', his new role as lead vocalist, the media, past bands, etc.

Record Collector, 2003 (month unknown)

“I’ve always been a collaborator, even when I was in The Smiths.”

Johnny speaks! By Chris Mugan


Short interview + review of Boomslang.

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The Word - June 2004

We really were swept away by passion for what we were about to embark upon.'

The band the dreams it never broke up by Andrew Harrison.

Illuminating interview with Johnny Marr about The Smiths' formation and eventual demise, with added input from Mike Joyce towards the end.

Q Classic - March 2006

'There's a lot made about our differences, but the things that Morrissey and I had in common were very specific and pertinent to us.' 

Get the message by Andrew Male.

Interview from Q Classic's Manchester music special edition, covering topics such as: Manchester's musical heritage, the punk scene, meeting Morrissey, forming Electronic, and the possibility of a Smiths reunion.

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