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NME, 24 June 1989

Johnny Marr has never been one to hog the limelight, and since The Smiths' split he has kept himself to himself and got on with what he loves most, his music. Now, he breaks his silence and talks to Dave Haslam about life after The Smiths, his depression and his more positive attitude to the future.

Johnny, remember me? by Dave Haslam. 

Musician, September 1989

'The five years of my life when I was famous were the most depressing five years I can remember.' 

Heaven knows Johnny Marr's not miserable now by Scott Isler. 

Enlightening interview with Johnny speaking frankly about his departure from The Smiths, + recent collaborations.

Melody Maker, 30 September 1989

'I've never been the sort of guy to be happy with my lot and sit back on it...that was one of the reasons I left The Smiths. I felt I was in danger of repeating myself.'

Johnny Marr by Andrew Mueller. 

This week, The The world tour finally hits Britain. Andrew Mueller joined the tour in Australia to talk to Marr about his role as rock's most wanted guitarist, Matt Johnson and, of course, the split with Mozza.

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Guitar Player, January 1990

'I really like the idea of not knowing what I'm doing. Ultimately, I end up with something more original, a little more from the heart than the head.' 

Johnny Marr by Joe Gore. 

Interview in which Johnny discusses recent projects, songwriting, and the technicalities of his playing.

NME, 18 August 1990

'Before I saw it, I always thought Johnny's house was gonna be all guitar-shaped ashtrays, ties with keyboards on and pictures of Elvis...' - Bernard Sumner. 

Getting L.A. with it by Danny Kelly. 

Johnny and Bernard Sumner interviewed about Electronic's live debut at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, with bonus Billy Duffy interview.

VOX, October 1990

Electronically tested by Danny Kelly. 

Second, shorter but more image-heavy, feature on Electronic's live debut at Dodgers stadium in Los Angeles

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NME, 12 January 1991

'When I look at Johnny I see this free, warm person, this warm, good person...' - Stex. 

It's that Marr again by Barbara Ellen. 

Short group interview concerning Johnny's collaboration with soul-funk band Stex.

Melody Maker, 13 April 1991

'There's no unnecessary waffle on the album. It's a pop record.' 

Haywire days by Ted Mico. 

Joint interview with Johnny and Bernard Sumner about Electronic's upcoming debut LP.

NME, 27 April 1991

Marr's on life by Danny Kelly. 

Second half of last week's Johnny interview. Topics: pep talks from Keith Richards, working with Bryan Ferry, his friendship with Matt Johnson, forming Electronic, and Morrissey's solo career. Plus full post-Smiths discography.

Guitar, June 1991

'I love playing the guitar - like lots of people I'm struck with the shape of it and physically enjoy playing the thing. But it's important to realise there's more to making a record than just that.'

Marr talks guitar by Paul Trynka. 

An interview with Johnny is the lead feature/cover story for the debut issue of Guitar: The Magazine.

VOX, June 1991

Return of the supergroup by Betty Page. 

Another joint interview with Johnny and Bernard Sumner, in which they discuss the formation of Electronic, working with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, and Johnny's dealings with the press in the aftermath of The Smiths' split.

Q, July 1991

'The music industry is still looking for the new Beatles. And as a fan of pop music I think it would be great for a gang of handsome 17-year-olds to come along and play the best music in the world. But I don't see that. All I see is two handsome, rather older people doing it.' 

Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner interview by Adrian Deevoy, covering topics such as the formation of Electronic, drink, drugs, and other collaborators.

Melody Maker, 14 September 1991

'It's a matter of concentrating on what to do next. If we lost that desire we wouldn't be able to create anything of worth.' 

Beat Surrender by Paul Lester. 

With the release of 'Feel Every Beat' from Electronic's highly acclaimed debut album, Paul Lester meets Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr to discuss sadness, sexiness, life, the universe and everything.

Reflex, November 1991

'The idea was to get away from the responsibilities of being in a successful group...'

A new definition of cool by John Hood. 

Introductory Electronic article with a few scattered quotes from Johnny.

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Record Collector, November 1992

The Smiths: Johnny Marr's view by Johnny Rogan. 

Johnny Rogan, author of the controversial "Morrissey & Marr: The severed alliance", talks to The Smiths' guitarist about their early career. Part 1 of 2.

Record Collector, December 1992

Johnny Marr & The Smiths by Johnny Rogan. 

Part Two of Johnny Rogan's revealing interview with The Smiths' guitarist.

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