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Select - December 1993

'In The Smiths, I wanted to be Phil Spector with a guitar. And I still do...' Johnny Marr breaks a three year silence to talk about life in the pilot seat of the greatest British band since The Beatles.

The secret history by Stuart Maconie.

Total Guitar, May 1995

No arguments. The Smiths were the best British group since The Beatles. And in their five-year life, they produced some of pop's sublimest moments. In a rare interview, guitarist and songwriter Johnny Marr talks to TG.


Johnny Marr: beyond The Smiths by Harry Wylie

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NME, 22 June 1996

Any band that hangs out with George Michael, forsakes drugs for jogging and spends five years on that difficult second album must be completely arse, right? Wrong. Not when they're Electronic, aka Johnny 'Smiths' Marr and Bernard 'New Order' Sumner. Ted Kessler finds out what took them so long.

Joggers play pop by Ted Kessler. 

Blah Blah Blah, July 1996

Separately, they were the architects of some of the greatest British music ever made. Together, they're trying to do a bit more than that. Ladeez and gennelmun, cleaned-up, wised-up, and trussed-up in some nice Safeways pants, the supersonic duophonic Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner.

Brothers of invention by Lisa Verrico. 

The Face, July 1996

Twin heroes to a generation and strumming survivors of baggier days, Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner, aka Electronic, say they've been away learning, not loafing.

Older by Johnny Davis. 

Select, August 1996

'I'm not in this for fame or money or whatever - I do it for personal, creative reasons.' 


Acieeed, m'lud? by John Harris. 

Short interview with Johnny + unfairly negative review of Raise the pressure by clueless journo with poor taste.

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Guitar, January 1997

There was a point in time when suddenly Johnny Marr made it cool to play pop guitar all over again. In this exhaustive interview, the Mancunian maestro reveals his key influences and leads TGM on an exclusive album-by-album tour of his career to date. Just do him a favour: don't mention the 'jangle' word, eh?

This chiming man by Michael Leonard. 

Oasis fan magazine, 1997

"I'm really pleased for everything that happens to Noel, we've got a lot of respect for one another, but I wouldn't want to be him and he wouldn't want to be me."

Johnny Marr by David Halliwell and Ste Mack


Interview with Johnny about working with Oasis, for the first issue of the official Oasis fan magazine.

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Uncut, April 1999

When Manchester rock titans Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr formed Electronic in 1990, they were determined that their new band would live up to the glories of New Order and The Smiths, even if it killed them. Which it very nearly did.

Getting away with it by Stephen Dalton. 

Very entertaining Electronic-era joint interview with Johnny and Bernard Sumner.

Loaded, May 1999

'Noel's good at telling stories. He says we both met at midnight, on a grassy knoll under a full moon, wearing shades, and I handed over the Les Paul. Then after that we drank the blood of a groupie. Which is exactly what happened!' 


The Two Electronnies by Johnny Sharp. 

'Twisted Tenderness'-era Electronic interview covering topics such as Manchester and the "Madchester" scene, intoxication, and Johnny and Bernard's musical partnership.

Guitar, August 1999

'I'm working on a solo album. Recording has already started - I'm not only singing lead vocals but writing all the lyrics as well. It's sounding good.' 


Marr's attack by George Byrne. 

Not content with reinventing Electronic as a kick-ass rock band, Johnny Marr is back in love with loud guitars and planning the boldest move of his career - a solo album.

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